Welcome To Our New Website

Hello!  Thank you very much for visiting the Mission Hills Furniture blog.  We have redesigned our site to make it mobile friendly since more than half of you are on your phone right now!  Plus we wanted to update it with a few new features.  We are so glad you’re here!

Hopefully our site will be self-explanatory – but some of the features we want to point out are:

  • Search box – do you have a seating set and want a matching dining set? Type in the name of the collection in the search box and you’ll find all coordinating pieces.  Or search for “dining set” and find many choices!
  • Social icons – we want to be where you like to be. So if you Tweet, Pin, or “like” then we do, too!  Click on your favorite below.  (Plus you can Pin directly from any of our listings now!)
  • Videos – most of our items have beautiful videos so you can look at all angles of our furniture, just like you would do in a store. As you look at an item page, scroll down and you’ll probably see a video button!  We definitely want you to feel confident about your purchase.  We know furniture is a big decision!

That’s all for now.  Please contact us with any questions, or click over to our Facebook page where we post regularly!  Thanks again for coming.  We appreciate your time!